Seat Pan ATC185S 81-83



This item has long been unavailable from our store but is back for a limited time.

We are taking orders for this item but only for the month of April so if you need this, or think you may need it later please order it now.

The pan is constructed from hand laid fibreglass, it will never rust and may even outlast your ATC.
However being a fibreglass part means you cannot attach the seat cover in the old way where the metal teeth of the OE pan pierced the seat cover and held it in place.

To attach the seat cover to this new pan you will need to glue the cover in place with a high quality contact cement, we also advise to back this up with some automotive style pinch weld which will hold it more securely in place.

(pinch weld is the rubber/metal U shaped strip that goes around the door opening in cars)

Suits ATC185S 81-83.
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Seat Pan

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Details & Specifications
Condition New / Unused
Build to Order? No
Lead time in days Ships Immediately
Country of Manufacture Australia
Community Manufactured Yes
Fitment year 1981,1982,1983
OEM Part #
Finish Raw
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